Monday, October 1, 2007

Alaska Cruise, Best Time?

Did you know August is not the best time of year to take a cruise to Alaska?

Because August is a dry month in so many areas, people often assume that holds true for Alaska too. In fact, it’s not.

You can find cruises taking off every week from May through September (no, you won’t find any ships navigating the glacier filled waters in the winter), but some months are better than others. This is because rain is pretty common in the summer. So even though you won’t be buried under a snowdrift during May, June, July, August, or September, you could be disappointed by a downpour. All those outdoor shore excursions aren’t nearly as much fun if you’re wet and soggy.

Fortunately, there are summer months that are less likely to be rainy than others. Take a look at some of the data below to figure out the best time for your Alaska cruise:

· the months with the least rain are May, June or July depending on the specific location.
· the month with the most rain is September
· the month with the warmest temperatures is July.
· the months with the coolest temperatures are May and September.

This information comes from the Your Alaska Cruise site on a page where they have analyzed current and historic cruise weather in the state. It also goes into variations in weather patterns based on which port you’re visiting. Check out the page for lots more information to help you figure out the best time for your cruise.

Also, you may want to visit the Alaska Cruise Forums at Cruise Critic.

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