Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is Smoking Allowed on Cruise Ships?

If you're a smoker planning a vacation, you may be wondering where (or if) smoking is allowed on cruise ships.

There aren't any completely non-smoking ships. Policies vary depending on the line you cruise with, but you can find designated smoking areas on most ships. Some also have "cigar bars" and lounges (though ships starting or ending in a U.S. port aren't allowed to carry genuine Cuban cigars).

You probably won't be allowed to smoke in your cabin (since cruise ships are all about filling every cabin before they sail, it wouldn't make economic sense for them to designate permanent smoking and non-smoking rooms) , but--depending on the cruise line--if you get a suite with a balcony, then you may be able to smoke directly outside your cabin.

Since policies differ from line to line, make sure to compare different ships you're considering sailing upon if you want the fewest restrictions.

If you're a non-smoker looking to avoid lots of smoking people, in general, ships that sail with a large European or Asian (where smoking is still prevalent) contingent tend to be smokier than ships filled with North Americans.

For lots more information on which lines allow what degree of smoking and wear, check out this article on Cruise Critic.

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Cruises said...

In my opinion i think smoking in public areas should be banned. Why should non smokers breath in polluted air withour their choice. Smoking should only be allowed on the open deck where the smell can be blowed away by the fresh air.