Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pros and Cons of Disney Cruises

If you're a Disney fan or you've got kids who are and you're looking for a family vacation everyone will enjoy, you may be checking out the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney's cruises feature "modern ocean liners with classic steamship lines" (which is code for: these ships are big enough to put tons of people on them). The company offers family-oriented mainstream cruises that are combined with a Walt Disney World vacation. Obviously kids are the emphasis, but kids of all ages can enjoy the trips.

Before you book your vacation, you may be wondering about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the cruise line. Here's a closer look:

Disney Cruises Pros
  • The staff is friendly and conscientious.
  • You've got name recognition that your kids will get excited about.
  • The innovative ships are just plain fun.
  • You'll probably cruise to Disney's private island, which is excellent compared to other line's islands.
  • Plenty of children's facilities (and babysitting so mom and dad can get away for a break)
  • There's a nice variety in dining venue and presentation.
  • The family cabins are roomy enough for all.
Disney Cruises Cons
  • You might get sick of the "Disney overdose."
  • Expect loud and intrusive public announcements.
  • You might find the children's programs are too regimented.
  • The cruise can be uneven in quality.
  • Some have complained about an unnecessary pressure to leave the ship on disembarkation.
As you can see, there are not too many cons, and Disney is generally considered an excellent choice for a family cruise. The line is recommended for families with kids or grandchildren, though anyone who is a kid at heart can enjoy the cruises. But if you're not "enraptured" by Disney, this may not be the vacation for you.

Source: The Unofficial Guide to Cruises

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