Thursday, October 18, 2007

Book Your Next Cruise During Your Current One to Save Money

Cruises offer a great value for your vacation dollar, but there ways to get even better deals than the ones printed in brochures or posted on the Internet. For instance, repeat cruisers can get some excellent deals.

Want to save big money on your next vacation?

Consider booking your next cruise while on board your current cruise.

Cruise lines love to give discounts to people who sign up to vacation with them again. So if you like the experience you're getting, see what kind of deals you can get for signing up for another trip.

(Just because you go with the same cruise line doesn't mean you have to go on the same vacation. The big cruise lines have ships running all over the world, so you can sign up for a trip to Alaska or South America even if your current cruise is in the Caribbean.)

What if you're already back from your cruise and you didn't take advantage of the cheap deals you can get by booking while you're still on board?

You can still get great deals if you're a previous customer of a certain line. Some lines even offer free cruises after you've taken enough trips with them. Just ask your travel agent or check out specials on the cruise line's website.

So when you're trying to justify your next vacation, just remember that a great way to save money on cruises is to take lots of trips!

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