Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Happens if There's a Storm When You're on a Cruise?

With hurricane season in full force in the Caribbean, it might make you think twice about scheduling a cruise for that area. After all, you must be pretty vulnerable when you're at sea and there's a storm, right?

Well, yes and no. I certainly wouldn't want to be in a hurricane while in a ship, but cruise ships don't hang out in places where hurricanes are due. Just as the weather stations are predicting where hurricanes will touch down days before the event happens, cruise ships are up on the latest weather too. If there's a big storm coming, they can and do simply steer out of the danger area.

People on land don't have as much luck. We were down in Cancun for a major storm a few years back, and it was a bit scary. I think I'd rather be in a cruise ship that could sail away from the storm than in a high rise hotel on the beach!

The worst thing that is likely to happen if there's a big storm while you're on your cruise is that you might miss some of your ports or be diverted to other ports. This can be a bummer, of course, but there are usually so many things to do on board a big cruise ship that you will still have plenty of entertainment.

Want another reason not to worry?

Cruise rates (as well as hotels, time shares, etc.) tend to be lower priced during that time of year. People scheduling their trips months out can't predict the weather but often don't want to take a chance. But if you're willing to be brave, you can get some good deals during hurricane season!