Sunday, September 30, 2007

Do You Have to Pay for the Water on a Crusie?

If you've started researching cruises online, or you're reading books on the subject, you've probably learned that those "all inclusive prices" aren't quite as all-inclusive as you were hoping. Sure, your cabin, your basic meals, and the cruise itself are included, but you'll find yourself paying for quite a few extras.

But surely not the water, right?


If you don't mind drinking tap water, your water is free. It is potable, but it's common for the water to have a strong chlorine taste, so it may not appeal to you.

You may find bottled water in your cabin, but don't assume it's free. Just like with a mini fridge in a hotel, you'll probably be charged if you drink it. Likewise bottled water available elsewhere on the ship will likely come with a price tag, unless you're on a luxury cruise ship where such things are usually included in the (much) higher price.

You should be able to find a card somewhere that lists the price of water and other beverages.

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