Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are Massages Included in the Price of a Cruise?

There are lots of ways to have fun and relax on a cruise ship, and massages and other spa treatments are very popular.

If you're planning your first cruise, you may be wondering if massages are included in the price of the trip. After all, cruises are "all inclusive" right? Well, they do include your cabin, meals, and the trip itself, but for extra luxuries you'll have to pay extra.

On most ships, you will have to pay extra for massages and other spa treatments. Prices generally are comparable to land prices or maybe a little more (about $80 an hour is normal).

So if you're planning on enjoying a massage on one of your sea days, make sure to set aside some extra spending money. Also, book early as appointments can fill up rapidly. (On some ships, you can actually reserve a spot before the cruise even starts.)

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Cabin Girl Annie said...

Just to update here, I found another source (Cruise Vacations for Dummies) that said the average price for massages on cruises is $99 to $128.