Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shark Feeding in Tahiti Anyone?

When you're deciding where to book a cruise, one of the funnest parts is deciding which shore excursions you're going to go on. The shore excursions may even help you decide where in the world you want to cruise.

Do you want to dog sled in Alaska? See Mayan ruins in Mexico? Or perhaps feed sharks and rays in the South Pacific?

If the latter sounds exciting to you (it sounds dangerous to me, but I guess I'm not all that adventuresome), then you might just want to check out a shark feeding shore excursion in Tahiti.

Here's part of the description from an outfit that does shark and ray feeding tours:

"...the skipper's first mate jumps into the water and secures a floating rope. Everyone will be instructed to hold onto the rope floating "face down" with their snorkel gear on. The skipper checks to make sure everyone is safely on their side of the rope (which is of paramount importance) as he pulls out the shark food. You wait with anticipation as the sharks come out, one after the other, to rip and tear up the bait. The sharks may give you a demo of their amazing sonar as they swim directly towards you and, at the very last second, make a sharp turn away from you. The only thing between you and them is the rope and your heartbeat."

So, are you feeling lucky?

More on this particular tour at Tahiti Legends.

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