Friday, October 12, 2007

List of Cruising Seasons for Popular Cruise Destinations

Wondering when you can cruise where? Here's a list of cruising seasons for several popular destinations around the world:


Cruises head to Africa year around but the high seasons are considered May - October for northern Africa and November - April for eastern and southern Africa.


Since the weather is cold much of the year, cruises only run from May - September.

Asia and the Orient

The cruise season runs October - March.


Cruises to the Baltic Sea run from May - October.


Bermuda is also popular from May - October.

Black Sea

You can find cruises through the Black Sea from April - October.


Like Alaska, you'll find mostly summer-time sailings here: May - October.


Thanks to its tropical climate, you can find cruises to the Caribbean all year around.


Again, ships sail all year around to the Hawaiian Islands.

India and Southeast Asia

You can book cruises all year around, but the high season is from November - April, and you'll find more variety then.

Mediterranean Sea

Again, you can find cruises all year around but the majority sail from March - November.


This warm climate also features sailings all year around.

New England

May - October is when you'll find cruises to New England.

Panama Canal

Bookings run year around, but due to the summer heat, more cruises are offered September - May.

South America

For the north coast, you can find sailings all year around. For other areas, the season runs from September - April.

South Pacific

Cruises are offered year around with the high season from November - April.

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