Saturday, October 27, 2007

13-Day Luxury Cruise to Antarctica

If you're looking for cruise ideas and want to head someone more exotic than the Caribbean, then perhaps it's time to travel down to Antarctica.

Cruise Norway offers a 13-day vacation on their 2007-built MS Fram, an "intimate luxury ship" where you won't be inundated with masses of people.

"The 2007-built, 318-passenger, 12700-ton exploration ship MS Fram has 8 decks. On board you will find an observation lounge with a passenger bridge, a restaurant and a bistro, a sauna and a jacuzzies, a fitness room and two conference rooms, a shop and an internet cafe, and a library. MS Fram has 136 modern cabins and 39 luxurious suites."

For the Antarctic cruise, you fly to Santiago, then get taken to Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city, where you will depart. You sail through the Drake Passage and then spend five days exploring Antarctica, the White Continent.

Highlights in Antarctica
  • Half Moon Island and its famous chinstrap penguin rookery, kelp gulls, and Antarctic terns
  • Whaler's Bay on Deception Island where you'll find warm springs and black volcanic sand
  • Ukrainian Vernadsky Base and its abundant bird life
  • Port Lockroy, which is surrounded by mountains, glaciers and ice shelves
  • Almirante Brown in Paradise Harbor, home of ice cliffs and floating icebergs, populated by gentoo and chinstrap penguins
  • Neko Harbor off Errera Channel, which supports hundreds of gentoo penguins, Weddell and elephant seals
  • Petermann Island, home of the southernmost gentoo penguin colony, as well as blue-eyed shags and Adelie penguins
If five days in the Antarctic isn't a long enough trip for you, the company also does 21-day cruises that visit Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.

Prices for the 13-day luxury program start at USD $4975.

Cruise Norway

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