Friday, October 5, 2007

What Size Cruise Ship Is Best for You?

If you're a first time cruiser, you're probably just familiar with the large mainstream ships that are advertised by the big well-known cruise lines. You know, the ships that have everything from casinos, to shopping malls, to pools, to theaters, to gyms, to multiple eating venues. If you want all that, and don't mind lots of people on board, that may be just fine, but it's certainly not your only cruise option.

What size cruise ships are out there?

Glad you asked. Cruise ships are divided into four categories:

  • boutique ships -- up to 200 passengers, measurement of 1,000-5,000 tons
  • small ships -- 200-500 passengers, 5,000-25,000 tons
  • mid-size ships -- 500-1,200 passengers, 25,000-50,000 tons
  • large resort ships -- for over 1,200 passengers, 50,000-160,000 tons
All cruise ships provide the same basic amenities: accommodations, entertainment, unlimited food, good service, and a variety of ports of call to visit. However, the size ship you book can very much influence what kind of vacation you receive...

Visit the more in-depth posts, which cover the pros and cons of each type of ship, to learn what's best for you:

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