Monday, October 22, 2007

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Lowdown

Are all cruise lines created the same? Do they all offer the same sort of vacation?

Well, no.

While there are similarities, especially among the big resort ship lines, there are a lot of differences too and this section of the blog will look at the various cruise lines and see who does what well and what might make one line appeal to you more than another.

Let's start out with a big gun...

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

This Miami-based 14-ship line is known for its freestyle cruising. The ships have a casual, laid-back atmosphere, and the line is gay-friendly.

The manifesto is diverse, and you'll find families, honeymooners, and couples. The guests tend to be younger than on other mainstream lines, but you'll find folks of all ages on board.

No formal-wear required!

With this casual cruise line it shouldn't come as any surprise that a lot of the traditional rules are thrown out the door. Formal-wear isn't required for dining, and if you want to relax 24/7 nobody is going to stop you. Kick back and hit the bowling alley or just lounge in a deck chair with a good book.

Despite the casual atmosphere, service is good overall though. You can also find family-friendly interconnected suites (as much as you love your kids, you probably don't want them all crammed into your cabin) or if you want to spend a little more, "villa" accommodations with private gardens, sun decks, living and dining rooms, and butler service.

NCL is an affordable cruise line and you'll find prices starting around $429 for Caribbean cruises.

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