Monday, October 15, 2007

What if I Get Seasick?

If you're thinking cruises sound fun, but you haven't signed up for one because you're afraid of getting seasick, I may be able to quell some of your fears:

1. Most people don't get seasick on cruises, even if they get queasy in a car (stabilizers on ships keep the ride pretty smooth).

2. Over-the-counter medications such as Bonine and Dramamine (both available in non-drowsy formulas) can get you past the first few hours of acclimatization.

3. If you aren't into drugs, you can try Sea Bands, elasticized wristbands with little plastic disks that apply pressure inside the wrist (this is an acupressure point and many people swear by the bands' effectiveness).

4. Consider booking a cruise in calm waters such as the Caribbean, Alaska's Inside Passage, the Mediterranean, or the Gulf of Mexico. (Save the cruises through the South China Sea, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and Indian Oceans until you're sure you won't have troubles--these are less calm rides).

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