Monday, October 8, 2007

Cruise Myth #9: Cruises Only Go to a Few Places Like Alaska and the Caribbean

Not true!

You can find cruises that travel all over the world. Sure the Caribbean is popular in the U.S. (it's tropical and close to home for anyone on the east coast or in the South) and Alaska is an awesome destination where you can see glaciers and whales in one trip, but these are by no means the only cruise vacations out there.

Think of a place and if it's close to a seaport, there's probably a cruise that stops there. Shoot, some cruises these days even include land tours where everyone disembarks the boat for a few days and takes a train inland to visit a landlocked sight. Also, you can find river cruises floating along interior waterways.

Here are just some of the places you can visit on a cruise:
  • The Mexican Riveria
  • Antarctica
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia
  • New England
  • Scandinavia
  • The Mediterranean
  • The Missippippi River
  • Tahiti and the South Pacific
  • Australia and New Zealand

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