Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Golfing at Mahogany Run in the Virgin Islands

You might not think a cruise vacation would be all about golfing, but if you're a golf fanatic, chances are you'll find some great opportunities to try out new courses.

If you're cruising in the Caribbean and your ship is stopping at St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, look for a shore excursion to Mahogany Run. What could be better than golfing on a course with the sea breeze ruffling your hair and views of the water everywhere you look? (I don't even play and it sounds lovely to me!)

Mahogany Run Information
  • Designed by Tom and George Fazio
  • Known as "one of the most beautiful courses in the West Indies"
  • 18 hole, par-70 course
  • Challenging rises and drops "like a roller coaster on its journey to the sea"
  • Golf Digest proclaimed it more of an engineering marvel than an architectural one as the course had to be carved and blasted into an area of land just less than 110 acres.
  • Green fees = $130 if you go by yourself, shore excursion (which includes the 20-30 minute ride there) runs about $170
Mahogany Run

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