Thursday, November 29, 2007

Which Island in Hawaii for Helicopter Tour Shore Excursion?

If you take a cruise to Hawaii, you'll have a long list of options for shore excursions. Each island you visit will have different things for you to see and do, but just about all of them offer a helicopter tour.

This isn't any surprise considering how beautiful the islands are. Each one is forged from volcanoes, each one surrounded by sparkling ocean waters, and each one full of lush scenery and unspoiled lands, some not even accessible by road. On any island, you'll see some impressive vistas if you take a helicopter tour shore excursion.

But you probably don't want to take a helicopter tour on each island. If your ship stops in four different ports, as many of them do, that would be a lot of pricey shore excursions, for one thing. And you'll want to experience some of the land-based sights too.

So, if you're planning to take a helicopter ride, which Hawaiian island should you choose?

While you'll probably enjoy yourself on any island, many people recommend Kauai.

A big part of this is because Kauai has a canyon that almost rivals the grand canyon in scope and beauty. Called Waimea Canyon, it's sure to take your breath away. Also Mount Wai'ale'ale crater is an impressive site where more than 420 inches of rain fall a year.

Also larges parts of Kauai are still wild and undeveloped, meaning no roads to them, so the only way to view them is from the air. You'll see stunning waterfalls and coasts too.

Though all the Hawaiian islands are beautiful (hey, they call it paradise for a reason), you'll really enjoy a helicopter tour on Kauai.

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