Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walkie Talkies Let You Keep Tabs on Family Members on Your Cruise

If you're heading off on a cruise for the whole family (or even just for two), chances are different people are going to want to do different things, at least some of the time. So, how do you keep track of everyone?

You have a couple of options: verbally setting times to meet up (or leaving sticky notes on cabin doors), calling each other on cell phones (most places you cruise to you'll be able to get cell reception), or picking up walkie talkies.

Sticky notes are free but cell phones can get costly, especially when you figure in roaming charges. That's why walkie talkies are popular with some families.

Many of them have ranges large enough that you will be able to talk to family members anywhere on the cruise ship, and there's no roaming charges with these puppies.

If you're worried about walkie talkies taking up too much room in your luggage, you may want to check into extra small ones, such as the wrist watch walkie talkies shown here. You can get a decent set for about $50.

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