Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where Can You Cruise Without a Passport?

Wondering if there is anywhere in the world you can cruise to without needing a passport?

As I mentioned in "Do You Need a Passport to Cruise," in this era of heightened security, there aren't too many options left. Basically, if you choose a cruise that doesn't leave the waters of your own country, you won't need a passport (you will still need photo ID to board the ship).

For U.S. citizens, an example is Norwegian Cruise Line's Hawaiian cruises that start and end in Honolulu and never leave the islands. However, if you're from the U.S. and you're planning a cruise that visits Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean Islands you will need a passport as of this year.

Fortunately, it isn't hard or expensive to get a passport. Here is a government site that tells you how to get a passport (in the U.S.).

It does take a little time, so make sure to get started well before your cruise departs.

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