Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Group Cruises Mean Nice Discounts

If you've love to take a cruise, but it's a bit of a stretch financially, you can save money if you get a group together.

For the cruise lines, a group is generally a minimum of 16 people in 8 cabins. If a lot of cabins are already sold out for a cruise, the line may not offer any sort of discount, but during the slow and shoulder seasons, when it's hard from them to sell all their cabins, they love offering perks to people who can bring in a number of bookings.

In fact, you can often even get a free cruise for the 16th person. (Hey, if you're the one arranging things, there's no reason that can't be you! Or you could always split the discount with the rest of the group... if you're feeling nice.)

Also, if your group is big enough, the cruise line may throw in some other free bonuses such as cabin upgrades, a cocktail party, or on-board credit vouchers you can use in gift shops and other places on the ship.

Just schedule a family reunion or convince a bunch of your friends that they need to get away for a week, and you're set!

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