Friday, November 2, 2007

How Much Luggage Can You Bring on a Cruise?

Wondering how many suitcases you can bring on a cruise? (Or maybe how many bags of goodies you can bring home from all the shops you'll visit?)

Each cruise line has it's own policies, and you can usually find out an exact amount by visiting the cruise line's FAQ page (most of them have one on their websites). But I've done the work for you for some of the more popular lines:

Amount Allowed for Suitcases/Luggage on Popular Cruise Lines:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) allows up to 200 pounds of personal luggage.
  • Princess says most of their cruises require flight so they just tell you to stick within airline policies for suitcases and weight restrictions (when you book, they tell you what the rules are for the accompanying flight).
  • Carnival Cruise Line doesn't have a luggage or weight restriction per se but also reminds you that airline restrictions will come into play if you're flying to your port.
  • Royal Caribbean allows 200 pounds of personal luggage per person.
  • Holland America has no weight limit but again reminds you that you need to comply with airlines, limousines (boy, wouldn't I like to take a limo to my cruise ship), etc. you may use on the way to the ship.

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Wayne said...

Leaving on NCL tomorrow, and this was just what I needed. Thanks!