Thursday, November 8, 2007

Save Money by Booking Extra People in a Cabin

Looking for ways to take the cruise of your dreams but not spend the next three years in debt from it?

Well, one way you can save money is by booking more than two people into a cabin. Cruise ships base their rates on two people per cabin, but most of the lines allow more, up to as many as five.

The first two people get the regular fair, but the extras get hefty discounts. And if the "extras" are your kids, there may be further discounts from family-friendly cruise lines.

There's no rule that says three friends can't go and take advantage of this deal either though. As long as you don't mind squeezing a bit (most people don't spend that much time in their cabins when they go on a cruise anyway), everyone can save a bit of money.

Things can get crowded in a small inside cabin, but with more people chipping in to cover costs, you might be able to afford a suite or at least a room with a view to offset the extreme togetherness factor.

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