Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Best Islands to Cruise to?

If islands get you excited (hey, who hasn't dreamed of getting away to a peaceful tropical island and escaping bosses and responsibilities for a while?), then you may want to cruise to some of the better ones. Which are the best islands to visit, you ask?

Well, since it's a subjective question, you'll find differing answers out there, but here are some articles you can check out from around the web:

From MSNBC: Best Island Cruises

Travelers' Digest features a list of Best Islands to Vacation on.

The Condé Nast poll voted Maui the World's Best Island.

And finally Love to Eat and Travel, has lists of the Top 10 Islands divided by region (i.e. Top 10 European Islands, Top 10 Pacific Rim, etc.)

So, what's your favorite island?

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