Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do Cruise Cabins Have Bathtubs?

Whether you're looking for a handicap-friendly bathroom, you've got small kids to bathe, or you just love a good soak, you may be wondering if cabins and suites aboard cruise ships have bathtubs.

The answer is yes--some of them.

It can vary from ship to ship and line to line, but just about all suites will come with bathtubs, and on some lines tubs are the norm (i.e. Holland America).

So, how do you make sure you get a room with a tub? The best way is to work with a travel agent and book early. That way, you're able to select your specific cabin (travel agents can help you decipher the floor plan codes so you're sure to get a good room).

It can be trickier to choose your cabin if you're booking at the last minute, traveling as part of a group, or taking part of a cabin-share or cabin-guarantee program (this is when you agree to a certain price and don't find out your exact cabin until the last minute).

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