Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cruise Myth #6: You'll Get Bored

If a cruise sounds boring to you, you may be imagining some transatlantic crossing where you're looking at nothing but ocean all day every day.

The majority of cruises sail in small areas, and visit new ports almost every day (on a weeklong cruise, expect to spend four of your six full days in a port with only two days where you're onboard the ship all day as you sail to the next destination). Every new port is an opportunity to sightsee, explore new cultures, take an exotic shore excursion, or shop until you drop.

Tons of Things to Do on Board

Even when you are at sea, there's so much to do on board (especially the big mega ships), it's unlikely you'll have time to be bored.

Head to a show, take in a movie, hit the pool, gamble at the casino, listen to an educational lecture, take a cooking class, work off all that good food at the gym... Chances are the big ships have more to do than your hometown, and everything is within walking distance!

Some people take those transatlantic crossings on purpose, just because they enjoy all the activities on board a cruise ship.

Boredom? Not likely!

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