Saturday, September 29, 2007

How Much Do You Have to Tip on a Cruise?

Unless you’re sailing on one of those rare “no tipping” ships, you’re expected to tip on a cruise. Alas, tips aren’t included in the prices in the brochures.

The cruise lines are happy to offer guidelines for tipping however (in fact, most just add tips right onto your bill).

Expect to pay about $70/week or $10/day per person (about half that for children). This covers tips for your room steward, bus person, and waiter. (This doesn’t, however, include tips for tour guides on shore excursions.)

You can go down to the reception desk at any point in your cruise and change the amount of the gratuities being charged to your account. Please keep in mind that crew members are paid low wages and depend on tips for their livelihoods.

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