Monday, March 17, 2008

Next Big Cruise Destination -- Asia

Cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean are old hat. People want new and exotic places, and many countries in Asia are ready to pony up to get that tourism dollars the cruise industry offers.

In an MSNBC article about the cruise industry's solid prospects, even during the coming U.S. recession (cruising is a gloabl industry these days after all), the writer mentioned that Asia is the next big cruise destination:

"Executives also hinted at the next big destination — Asia. Singapore, Taiwan and Korea announced new cruise terminals anticipating the growth. Cruise executives say the new cruise terminals aren’t just targeted at North American cruise travelers but are also aimed at the people who live in the region."

The article also mentioned that cruises tend to be 20%-50% cheaper than land-based vacations, so if you've ever dreamed of seeing historic pagodas and Buddist temples, a cruise ship may be the way to get there.

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