Friday, March 21, 2008

Fastest Cruise Ship in the World?

When I think about cruises, I tend to think of taking it slow, spending my days exploring various ports, and sleeping while the ship is chugging along to our next destination. After all, vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, right?

But if you want bragging rights, you may be wondering what the fastest cruise ship in the world is, so you can book your trip on board and tell all your friends how quickly you zoomed from port to port.

Well, since inquiring minds want to know this information, I looked it up. According to the Travel Channel, the fastest cruise ship is the Olympia Voyager from Royal Olympia Cruises.

"Climb aboard the fastest cruise ship in the world, with four engines each running at 13,000-horsepower, and experience cruising at 31 knots per hour (that's about 35 mph). At 25,000 tons and less than 600 feet long, the Olympia Voyager is not the largest of ships, but its speed allows for less time between ports and more time relaxing at destinations.

"The Voyager offers a variety of tours including the Mayaribbean Tour, which leaves from Houston, stopping at Playa del Carmen, Honduras, Belize and Mexico. Passengers on this trip can explore the ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel in Cozumel, or take a trip to the Xcaret eco-archeological theme park in Mexico. These destinations belie the fact that this is a Greek-themed ship with each of the boat's six decks named after Greek gods.

"The onboard entertainment - including Broadway shows and an art museum - is just as cultural as the on-shore excursions. A special enrichment program even features lectures from archaeologists, foreign affairs experts, astronomers and pianists."

So, not only is she speedy, but it sounds like the Olympia Voyager has a lot to offer too!


Anonymous said...

Knots per hour? That would be a measure of acceleration.

Anonymous said...

Ah "The Mighty Sky" sails again !
Remember her best as the Sitmar Liner "Fairsky". Although she's had many names since including "Sky Princess", "Pacific Sky" and "Sky Wonder"