Sunday, March 23, 2008

Low Dollar Makes It a Great Time to Cruise in the U.S.

For those of us in the U.S., everything from food to rent to travel is getting more expensive as the value of the dollar sinks, but if you live elsewhere and have been thinking of a vacation to the U.S., now is a great time to visit. Euros and other currencies go a long ways when converted to U.S. dollars. And if you really want to get your money's worth, think about a cruise.

Cruises include the cost of the travel (sailing from port to port), your meals, your entertainment, and your lodging all in one ticket price. Sometimes, depending on who you book with and what kind of deals you swing, airfare to your departure port is included as well.
For the best deals, look to U.S. cruises that stay within the country's waters for the most part, such as...
  • Hawaiian cruises that circle the islands are quite popular (and warm and tropical if you're looking to escape dreary weather).
  • Cruises to Alaska often leave from Seattle and are a great chance to see glaciers and the beauty of that area (though you'll have some Canadian stops along the way).
  • Less common are cruises up U.S. rivers or along the east and west coasts, but these are a great way to see the country.
Browse around to see what sounds good to you, and enjoy what your money can buy you here right now.

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