Thursday, March 6, 2008

Amazon Riverboat Cruises in South America, Educational and Exotic!

If you're looking for something more exotic than your traditional cruise to the Caribbean, think river cruise. Think Amazon river cruise in South America. Peru, to be specific.

This is where I'm thinking of heading for my next vacation. I did a Hawaiian cruise in December, and while it was fun, I'm ready to get a little more off the beaten path.

You can find many outfits running riverboat cruises along the Amazon's tropical waterway. Many feature an eco-tour bent, which is appealing to many earth-conscious travelers who want to learn while on vacation, not just get a tan.

As an example, consider one of the Amazon Riverboat expeditions from Green Tracks. Your guide will be an expert zoologist or anthropologist from the USA:

"Our tour leaders are among the most experienced Neotropical experts anywhere. All are naturalists who have studied the flora and fauna and are experienced travelers. Our leaders enjoy sharing their knowledge and make lively and interesting travel companions!"

On the cruise, you won't spend your whole time on the boat. You'll get chances to hike, bird watch, and fish for piranha too (the last thing isn't something I personally need to try--what does a piranha taste like anyway?--but hiking in the Amazon forest would be a blast!).

The Amazon cruises are a week long and run just over $2,000 (not including airfare), so check them out if you're looking for something a little more education and exotic than the mainstream cruises.

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