Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Real Estate Investing Cruises

I love the idea of cruises where you can learn something. I've seen everything from cruises with lectures on historical topics relevant to the area you're traveling in to those that will teach you digital camera skills or how to play chess (yes, my heart gets all warm and snuggly at the thought of cruise ships full of geeks).

Well, I was listening the Real Estate Guys (a radio show I catch via podcasts), and they were talking about real estate investing cruises. It sounds like they are a mix of instruction and opportunity (to network and buy). I imagine there are people there trying to sell you the latest and greatest investing strategies and deals you just have to act on right now (snort), so you'd sure have to be careful, but for someone interested in investing in real estate, a cruise sure sounds like a nice way to get an education!

Has anyone out there been on one of these cruises? If so, was it a worthwhile vacation? Were the lectures useful or was it more about people trying to sell you stuff? And if you are an investor, did you write the cruise off on your taxes as a business expense? :P

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