Sunday, May 18, 2008

Higher Gas Prices Mean More Expensive Cruises

With gas prices high everywhere, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the cruise industry is affected as well. Many lines have been forced to increase prices or add special "fuel surcharges" in order to accommodate the greater expense of powering these big ships.

According to a recent Newsday article, "Disney Cruises to add fuel surcharge after May 27," Disney is the next at bat.

"The fee for cruises booked after that date is $8 per passenger per day for the first two passengers in a cabin and $3 a day for additional passengers in the same cabin. Disney was the last of the major cruise lines to respond to higher fuel prices with surcharges."

Fortunately, cruises still remain a pretty good deal when it comes to all-inclusive vacation packages, but if you've been waffling about whether to book now or later, it might be best to book your cruise soon (even if it's for a distant date), since gas prices aren't looking to go down any time soon (but they are expected to keep rising).

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