Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dining Room Etiquette on Cruise Ships

If you're heading off on a fancy cruise, and you haven't been to a lot of formal dining occasions or upscale restaurants, you might be wondering if you'll make an embarrassing goof at the dining room table. Well, here's a short list of tips for proper dining room etiquette on a cruise ship:

  • Make sure to arrive on time (the formal sit-down restaurants on board will have posted meal hours).
  • If you order wine, offer to share it with others at the table (on many cruise lines, you'll dine with the same folks each night, and they'll probably return the favor).
  • Don't start eating until everyone at your table has been served (this, of course, is a display of good manners no matter where you're dining).
  • Use the correct silverware (if you start to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, just remember to work your way from the outside in--use the first fork on the left for your first course).
  • Dress appropriately for the evening (most cruise ships send around daily bulletins, which should let you know the evening's dress code)
  • Don't smoke at the dinner table (most ships these days have non-smoking dining rooms, but if yours doesn't specify, be considerate to those around you).

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