Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Is a Cruise Tour?

If you search for cruises at Travelocity or other sites that let you book cruises, you may see something called a "cruise tour" advertised in addition to regular ocean-going vacation packages. So, what's the deal? What is a cruise tour?

Cruise Tours

A cruise tour is a vacation package that combines a ship-board cruise with an escorted land-based tour.

For example, you might book an Alaska cruise tour which would start on a ship in Vancouver or Seattle, sailing north past those stunning glaciers and stopping in several coastal ports. Then after perhaps 7 days, you'd leave the ship in Anchorage and travel by train or bus to inland sights such as the Denali National Park, the historic town of Dawson, and the city of Fairbanks.

Cruise tours are generally longer than plain old cruises, starting at 10 days or so (at least for the Alaska area) and being as long as two weeks.

For the land portion, many of your meals are included, but you'll be eating at restaurants and such instead of in a dining room that travels with you, and some meals will not be included. Lodgings and transportation are all included though, so it's still a pretty economical way to see the world.

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