Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexico Cruises on Hold or Diverted Due to Swine Flu

If you've got an upcoming cruise to Mexico, it may be canceled due to the Swine Flu breakout down there. If only some of the ports of call are in Mexico, you may be diverted to other ports (such as San Diego or Santa Catalina).

According to an article in the LA Times, Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises and Holland America--all major cruise lines--are all making this decision.

If you have a Mexico cruise scheduled for the next few weeks (or a Caribbean/Panama Canal cruise that is visiting one or more Mexican ports as part of its itinerary), you'll have to check with your specific cruise line to find out what their policy is going to be for cancellations, postponements, rerouting, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Carnival cruise line is not telling the whole truth! We just came off a Cruise that was deverted from our Mexican ports & all Carnival did was refund our prepaid $20 port tax that they had to refund! No other compensation or credit for a future cruise was given! Those leaving on a cruise right behind us were recieving 2 extra days at sea and 3 ports to visit. Carnival sucks! A $200 credit for a future cruise would have been good PR, they just lost our groups' future cruise business!