Monday, February 4, 2008

Safari Shore Excursions Are Fun Part of African Cruises

There are cruises available just about anywhere in the world, and the coastal waters of Africa are no exception. And what do you do when you touch ground on these trips? Why, take a safari of course.

It's no secret that one of Africa's national treasures is its wild game. The animals most of us will never see outside of cages in a zoo still roam freely here.

East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda) and South Africa (Botswana and South Africa) are the two best areas for photo safaris. The Seychelle Islands, a popular destination on cruise itineraries, are great for bird watching. The clear blue skies and abundant wildlife offer wonderful shore excursions for birders.

The only downside with safaris is that they are usually multi-day trips, and many argue that African wildlife can't be adequately viewed on a one-day shore excursion. Because of this, you may want to consider a land tour add-on. This is when you add a 3-4 night safari adventure on at the beginning or end of your cruise trip.

Ask your travel agent or browse online for these sorts of packages.

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